The Art of Taking Selfies

The Art of Taking Selfies

Selfies, otherwise referred to as self-portraits, are photos taken using a Digi-cam or smartphone, that capture one’s face and taken by oneself. Selfies are often flattering, and are meant to appear casual. In this article, we examine the recent craze and highlight the art of taking selfies.

Why People Take Selfies

Today, we all have smartphones, digital cameras and a varied number of other devices that make it easier for you to capture quality photos. Traditionally, you took a picture by handing over your camera to someone else and asking them to do it for you. But selfies are the order of the day now. Here are some of the reasons (some however strange) why people take selfies today.

  • Getting to Know New People – this might sound quite strange, but it certainly makes sense. One of the reasons why people take selfies is so as to be accepted by people of the opposite sex. You want other people to accept you. You want them to like your Instagram, Facebook and snapchat posts, so that they may like you.
  • Socially Awkward Characters – folks have often taken selfies to make socially awkward statements about themselves. For instance, when you want to speak to the opposite sex, you might want to make a statement using a selfie.
  • Update the Scene – this is perhaps an obvious one, and it’s the same reason why you post on your Facebook profile. You want to keep people updated about you. You want to let your friends, workplace buddies, relatives or colleagues to get wind of what you’re up to. So you result to using selfies to pass the message.

These are just a few of the reasons why people take selfies. In examining the art of the selfies, we understand the various motivations behind this photography crazy. The trending of the selfie ‘habit’ is the key reasons why accessories such as the selfie stick and monopods are selling like hotcakes on Amazon. Have a happy selfie time!

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Non-Gaming Features of Playstation 4

Non-Gaming Features of Playstation 4

Sony’s PlayStation has been always known for being a gaming console that caters to a wide variety of games since its introduction in 1994. However, recent developments in the PlayStation scene leaned towards a new innovation: giving the PlayStation console non-gaming features that will appeal to the interested gamers (or non-gamers) worldwide. This non-gaming features goes along with Sony’s latest PlayStation product, the PlayStation 4.

Remember the time when you have to put the PlayStation console and television near your personal computer to check the internet from time to time if you need tips? Those times are over! PlayStation 4 allows its user to multitask and open a web browser while playing a game. Now, PS4 users may literally walk through a game while reading the actual walkthrough. Except for this, tips may also be acquired from friends while playing a game because a PS4 user may chat with friends while playing a game simultaneously.

What’s more to this? PS4 users may broadcast their gaming experience live for other PS4 users to free. This will be a good way for criticism and improvement of a PS4 gamer where other players may give their suggestions and tips for the improvement of the broadcasting player. Not only that players may have had had broadcast their games live but PS4 also has a media sharing option. This feature allows a PS4 user to connect his or her social media accounts with his or her PS4. In turn, such connection allows the PS4 user to share different types of files, ranging from game screenshots to media not related to PS4. Such uploading and sharing may not only be done on social networking sites but also to websites where uploading and content sharing is allowed.

A lot of applications were also added by the developers to PS4. Among these applications, one of the most notable additions is the music streaming application Spotify. A PS4 user is allowed to listen to a wide range of music selection by only searching it in Spotify. A PS4 user may even listen to a selected playlist while playing a game!

Another non-gaming feature of the PS4 is that a PS4 owner is allowed to watch movies, videos, or even live channels. This is possible because of the additional channel applications in the PS4 ranging from NBA to BBC channel.

Having these features, it is indeed evident that the PS4 gaming console is more than just a tool for gaming. It also caters to the virtual necessities of a gamer and it extends to an eclectic range of uses. PS4 is flexible, state-of-the-art, and a jack-of-all-trades type of console which is very appealing to gamers. Indeed, Sony has gone far and improved the capabilities of PlayStation since the time it was introduced to the world. As a side note, you might also need to get a PS4 cooling fan to make the best out of your Sony video gaming console.

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Advantages of a PlayStation Portable

Advantages of a PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Portable also known as the PSP is a game console designed by Sony. It is well-known in the gaming world because it is portable. It gives a gamer the comfort of playing his or her favorite games wherever he or she may be provided that sufficient battery is present. However, being portable is not the only advantage that a PSP have. It has several advantages and in this article will discuss some of them:

Internet in a Person’s Hand – Literally

PSP is more than just a gaming gadget. It was introduced in the year 2005. This is a year when the smartphones were just considered to be ideas. However, the PSP has the features and capabilities of a smartphone even before smartphones were introduced. Though incapable of being used for texting or calling, PSPs may be used to connect to the Wi-Fi and capable of browsing the net. It may be used for email, watching videos online and even looking for walkthroughs and guides while playing a game. It makes life easier for heavy gamers who also need internet connection.

Turn Up the Beat

                Playing music and gaming may be done by using one gadget only: the PSP. This is another advantage of PSP as a gamer does not need to carry a lot of weight because he or she can also listen to music through the PSP.


                Laptop is too bulky but you want to watch a video, movie or tv shows? Can’t use your phone for video viewing because it eats too much battery? PSP is the answer! Another advantage of having a PSP is that its owner may save videos, movies, or their desired tv shows to their PSP. Through this way, a PSP owner may watch a video without worrying for the battery of his or her cellphone.

Sony is devoted in making consoles which caters to the needs and coziness of their customers. PlayStation Portable is a proof of that. However, Sony does not only cater to the gaming needs but also provide for other luxuries to their customers that make their life comfortable.

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Playstation 3 VS Playstation 4

Playstation 3 VS Playstation 4

PlayStation is a famous video game console developed by Sony. Introduced in the market in year 1994, it is well-known to the 90s kids because it is considered as one of the most advanced consoles in the 1990s. PlayStation is composed of four console evolutions. Among the latest evolutions are the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3 was introduced in 2006 while PlayStation 4 was introduced in 2013. Being the two latest models of the Sony PlayStation, PS3 and PS4 are often compared and contrasted. In lieu with this, this article points out some of the difference between the PS3 and the PS4 so that the gamers will be enlightened as to what is present or not present from each other.


On first look, we can tell the difference between PS3 and PS4. PS3 is defined by its curvy edges which differentiates it among all the PlayStation evolutions. On the other hand, PS4 looks like a rhombus – like structure. Gamers tend to describe PS3 as a sexy console because of its curves and its slim version. On the other hand, gamers tend to describe PS4 as boring when it comes to appearance because it looks like a plain old slanted box with no aesthetic appeal. However, when it comes to their size, PS4 is smaller as compared to PS3.

Storage Wars

                When it comes to the storage of both consoles, the PS3 is more flexible because it ranges from a 12-gigabyte storage, a 250-gigabyte storage up to a model having 500-gigabyte storage capacity. Such storage capacity is upgradeable depending on the owner. On the other hand, the PS4 is only limited to a 500-gigabyte starting storage capacity which may also be upgraded by its owner.

Memory Game

For hardware memory, it cannot be denied that PS4 is indeed the newest model. As compared to the 256 MB graphic system RAM memory of PS3 along with its 256 MB memory for video purposes, the PS4 has a whopping 8-gigabyte GDDR5 graphic system RAM memory and 256 MB DDR3 RAM for its background processes. This only means that when it comes to graphics and processing capabilities, PS4 is advanced as compared to the PS3.

Notable Differences

Another notable difference between the PS3 and the PS4 which shows the superiority of PS4 is the latter’s voice control capability. Apparently, PS3 may only be operated through a controller while PS4 may be operated using limited voice commands. Limited it may be, it is still a better improvement over PS3.

For graphics, PS4 has the upper hand again. It is operated by an AMD-developed GCN Radeon which was only installed in 2011 while PS3 is operated under NVIDIA’s RSX-Reality Synthesizer. The PS4’s graphics driver is more advanced as it can emphasize even that tiniest details of the graphics of a game. However, PS3 is also comparatively advanced in graphics as compared to its predecessors but as compared to the PS4, it cannot match the improvements in graphics.

In the end, it will only show us in this comparison that the later the product is introduced, the better it is because it caters to new improvements. PS4 may be better than the PS3 in aspects of graphics, new features, and capabilities but both consoles are still playable and a gamer may have a use for any of these consoles as long as games may be played in it. Now, let’s wait for the PS5 and see what improvements it may bring us.

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